Treating Our Patients Like Family
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Welcome to PedZ Dental!

Dr. Stacey, Dr. Cook and Dr. Greg TELLS the children how they are going to be cleaning their teeth while comforting them in the dental chair. Then they SHOW the children how she will clean their teeth. And finally Dr. Stacey, Dr. Cook & Dr. Greg cleans the child's teeth just how they had explained the process to them.

This process helps the children to feel comfortable while getting their teeth cleaned. Most dentists will dive right in and start cleaning the child’s teeth. While Dr. Stacey, Dr. Cook, and Dr. Greg feel that if the children are aware of how she will be cleaning their teeth then they will be more comfortable in the dental chair.

This method also helps the children to understand all of the different instruments that our doctors will be using on their teeth and it helps them to learn the purposes of these tools. This method is also a key component in the children being able learn how to take care of their teeth while they are at home in between visits to the dentist. Which in the long run will lead to healthier, stronger looking teeth and gums.